[PATCH] KDE4 Fix to use QtTest from Framework on MacOSX

Erik L. Bunce kde at bunce.us
Sun Aug 27 00:14:27 CEST 2006

Benjamin Reed wrote:
> On 8/26/06, Erik L. Bunce <kde at bunce.us> wrote:
>> snapshot-users at trolltech.com list.  If you are interested in the Qt
>> patch it can be found at: http://kde.bunce.us/qt-mac-20060824.patch
> erm, never mind, you're *removing* app_bundle, not adding.  ;)
> misread the patch.
> _______________________________________________
Yup, I was removing it.  Didn't have all the details I included in the 
snapshot-users at trolltech.com email handy when I sent to this list since 
I sent that message from work using my work email and don't have it here 
at home.  As I remember (looking at that patch) I said something to the 
- Make QtTest and QtDBus build frameworks in a fashion consistent with 
the rest of the Qt frameworks.
- Make QUiLoader build both debug and release static libs when the rest 
of Qt is automagically doing it.
- Make the QtDBus command line tools not be app-bundles (since it 
blocked the KDE build).

Anyway, hope the troll's accept it.  It'd make the lives of us 
multi-platform folks simpler.  The QtTest and part of the QUiLoader mods 
also are applicable to Windows builds.  I also hope someone with commit 
access accepts my kdebuild one.  I'm actually trying to work on kdelibs 
on Linux, MacOSX, and Windows.  Someday I'll probably go for a KDE SVN 
account, but not today.

Erik L. Bunce
Chief Software Engineer of the Apocalypse

P.S. To the kde-buildsystem at kde.org list maintainer.  Minor suggestion, 
it would pobably be a good idea to add this list to the 
http://www.kde.org/mailinglists/ page and add a description of this list 
to the https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo page.

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