something strange with the framework detection in trunk w/ Qt 4.2 snapshot

Benjamin Reed rangerrick at
Thu Aug 24 21:22:19 CEST 2006

So I replaced the qt4 build on my dashboard box, and now cmake is no
longer detecting QtDbus properly.

I get the _RELEASE and _DEBUG bits set:

//The QtDBus library.

//The QtDBus library.

...but I'm missing "QT_QTDBUS_LIBRARY:FILEPATH=-F/opt/qt4/lib
-framework QtDBus" which I believe should be there.  Other Qt bits are
found properly (and AFAIK are found in the same way):

//The Qt QTCORE library
QT_QTCORE_LIBRARY:FILEPATH=-F/opt/qt4/lib -framework QtCore

//The QtCore library.
QT_QTCORE_LIBRARY_DEBUG:STRING=-F/opt/qt4/lib -framework QtCore

//The QtCore library.
QT_QTCORE_LIBRARY_RELEASE:STRING=-F/opt/qt4/lib -framework QtCore

I'm not sure why it's not happening, there doesn't seem to be anything
special about the dbus detection compared to the other Qt bits in

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