not run dashboard tests

William A. Hoffman billlist at
Tue Aug 8 20:18:26 CEST 2006

At 02:05 PM 8/8/2006, Benjamin Reed wrote:
>On 8/8/06, Bill Hoffman <bill.hoffman at> wrote:
>> So, for all dashboards it is showing 8 not run tests.
>> I think the problem is that the dashboards turn of building tests.
>in my case I doubt the mac dashboards would work, since they're kicked
>off by cron, which doesn't have a graphics context...  gui stuff from
>a screen session/cron/etc. is kind of dicey on OSX.
>I could always try it and see, but I suspect it won't work.  :)

I am not suggesting that all the dashboards turn on tests.  I am suggesting
that when tests are off, that no add_test is called.   It would be nice
to get rid of the red on the kde dashboard.   However, at least one of the
dashboards should be running the tests.


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