cmake dependencies bug due to symlinks

Andras Mantia amantia at
Thu Apr 27 18:18:07 CEST 2006

On Thursday 27 April 2006 19:04, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> On Thursday 27 April 2006 17:47, Andras Mantia wrote:
> > On Thursday 27 April 2006 17:45, Brad King wrote:
> > > Thanks, now I've been able to duplicate the problem.  You should
> > > have seen it with earlier CMake versions too, but it only occurs
> > > if you run cmake in one of the two places and make from the
> > > other.
> >
> > Might be that I run cmake from the same place before, I just didn't
> > realize. I usually run cmake from a console and make from KDevelop,
> > and I just set up a new KDevelop project, so it might be that I
> > used different paths.
> Do you set up the kdevelop project manually or are you using the ones
> created by cmake ?

I use an "automake" based KDevelop project (basicly my old KDevelop 
project). The good is that I could compile and install single 
directories from the automake manager. If you set up the required 
variables in the run options, you can run KDE4 applications from inside 
KDevelop3. Debugging doesn't seem to work though, but I will work on 
it. ;-) After that I will write down the instructions how to do it on 
the wiki or in a blog.
The only thing you need to run manually is the cmake command, but you 
don't do that often.


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