another cmake issue (with a non-standard build)

Benjamin Reed rangerrick at
Sun Apr 2 07:11:35 CEST 2006

I've been trying to enable app-bundles (globally, for now, until we
resolve the whole GUI/NONGUI thing), but I'm running into at least one
issue...  FIND_PROGRAM does not support bundles, ie, find_program(foo)
should find "/opt/kde4/bin/" but it
currently does not.

I looked for a place to add this to the page, but there
didn't really seem to be a relevant place.

For now I can symlink it just to get things going, but that's
obviously not a real solution.  :)

kdeinit has some code that we put in a while ago for finding binaries
in app-bundles, but cmake can't really do the same, it looks like

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