Module for liblua

Matt Rogers mattr at
Wed Nov 23 19:17:03 CET 2005

On Wednesday 23 November 2005 01:35, Scott Newton wrote:
> Attached is the bksys module check for liblua. This is my first attempt at
> writing a module for scons so it may be complete wrong ( :-) ) but it works
> for me - at the very least it should be a starting point for someone else.
> Thanks

Out of curiousity, is there a way of detecting the lua version w/o using a 
command utility and instead basing it on the presence of a certain function 
or class?

Also, do you know if this check will work on windows? 

The check should not cause scons to exit when lua is not found. lua is an 
optional dependency and the messages presented to the user should indicate 

Otherwise, it looks quite nice. Thanks for your contribution! Will you revise 
your module and resubmit for further review and inclusion?


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