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Sat Dec 31 09:32:40 CET 2005

Hi all,

On Thursday 29 December 2005 17:57, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> Hi all,
> the recent bksys implementation provides functions with different naming
> notation like
> env.bksys_install
> env.CreateFile
> env.KDEicon
> env.qt4obj
> which is irritating, so I like to know if there are some preferences or
> rules already available or prefered ?
i think when we have a working kdelibs or at least a big part of it, we should 
have a look at the sconscript files again and think about what should be 
there and what is redundant/too complex and so on. and then we can revise the 
syntax of these files too.

but before we do that i would recommend that we get the basic apps not only 
compiling but working too, so that we can spot the problems, that are still 

i started doing this. i tried to compile and run the katetest program from 
kate. it already involves quite some kde "components". it has a gui composed 
by xmlgui, uses kioslaves for loading and saving files, it loads the katepart 
into the mainwindow, ...

on thursday i found this problem, when i tried to run katetest:

--- trunk/KDE/kdelibs/bksys/ #492402:492403
@@ -75,8 +75,10 @@
                dest=open(env.join(env['_BUILDDIR_'], 'config-kde.h'), 'w')
                dest.write('/* kde configuration created by bksys */\n')
-               if env.has_key('LIBSUFFIXEXT'):
-                       dest.write(('#define KDELIBSUFF "%s"\n') % 
+               # FIXME what is this for ??? lib / lib64 <-> .so ???
+               #if env.has_key('LIBSUFFIXEXT'):
+               #       dest.write(('#define KDELIBSUFF "%s"\n') % 
+               dest.write(('#define KDELIBSUFF ""\n'));

and i have no idea, if there are still more things wrong like this.

before that patch, katetest did not even display a main window, but it only 
crashed. after that fix it showed te attached window(screenshot):

so i propose the following mini-roadmap:

1. make katetest under scons work as much as the unsermake version.
(this means make xmlgui work with scons, and then search for more bugs, or be 
happy that it works)
2. make background colors under unsermake work, it seems they are all black 
3. fix the other components that still not work. perhaps test shortcuts, 
opening a new katetest window, load a remote file, test, if dcop stuff works 
as expected, and so on.
4. now from this state we know what works under scons under linux, and we can 
go on under windows, and we know, that katetest works, and problems under 
windows should then be "scons under windows"-related, and not "scons vs. 

5. when katetest under windows runs: have a party!!!, as this would be quite a 
big milestone on the road to a working kdelibs under windows.

6. update this roadmap ;-) from here, we know, which problems we had to fix, 
and we know finally, which things must be in the sconscript files and the 
bksys subdir. i expect problems especially when loading kparts under windows 
and so on.

> Ralf

Holger Schröder
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