[PATCH] for libfoo.py

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at gmx.de
Sat Dec 31 17:46:17 CET 2005

Ralf Habacker schrieb:
> Christian Ehrlicher schrieb:
>>> Von: Ralf Habacker <ralf.habacker at freenet.de>
>>> Christian Ehrlicher schrieb:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> Because all libfoo.py looks different where there is no need for, I try
>>>> to clean up them a little bit. This is my next idea.
>>>> With this patch I added a new function to write the header
>>>> 'config-libfoo.h' and stop configure if the lib is mandatory.
>>>> But I'm unsure if this headers is actually needed - some of the
>>>> libfoo.py create it and some don't...
>>> If there any defines required the default way is to create header and
>>> to place the defines in there. Some checks place the define in the
>>> cache, which isn't the prefered way.
>>> What about non configure checks which requires non standard
>>> definition like bzip2 ?
>>>        if env['CACHED_LIBBZ2']:
>>>            dest.write('#define HAVE_BZIP2_SUPPORT 1\n');
>>>            if not conf.CheckFunc('bzDecompressInit'):
>>>                dest.write('#define NEED_BZ2_PREFIX 1\n');
>>>        else:
>>>            print 'libbz2 not found.'
>> I think this should be no problem if I can include it as a part of Conf /
>> Conftest.py. Then you can define a function which should be called in
>> such
>> cases.
>> conf.CheckFunc doesn't work like expected for me because it can't find
>> the
>> headers & libs when they're in extralibs/headers. This is another
>> point why
>> I want to include it somehow into Conf.
>> Christian
> A prelimary solution could be to add an additional parameter to
> write_lib_header(), which adds specific content. and let the user decide
> how to produce the content. I have updated the patch.
> BTW: I have no other problems with this patch.
> Ralf
Here an updated patch.
libjpeg.py now contains only a small platform specific part.
I would like to commit this patch and update all other lib*.py when it
works fine.

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