[PATCH] for libfoo.py

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Tue Dec 20 11:22:01 CET 2005

Christian Ehrlicher schrieb:

>Because all libfoo.py looks different where there is no need for, I try
>to clean up them a little bit. This is my next idea.
>With this patch I added a new function to write the header
>'config-libfoo.h' and stop configure if the lib is mandatory.
>But I'm unsure if this headers is actually needed - some of the
>libfoo.py create it and some don't...
If there any defines required the default way is to create header and to 
place the defines in there. Some checks place the define in the cache, 
which isn't the prefered way.

What about non configure checks which requires non standard definition 
like bzip2 ?

        if env['CACHED_LIBBZ2']:
            dest.write('#define HAVE_BZIP2_SUPPORT 1\n');
            if not conf.CheckFunc('bzDecompressInit'):
                dest.write('#define NEED_BZ2_PREFIX 1\n');
            print 'libbz2 not found.'

>This function should maybe go into 'env.Configure' but I currently don't
>know how this works.
You may take a look into kdelibs\scons-local-0.96.91\SCons\Conftest.py

>As always - it works fine for me on win32 and should work on linux too.

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