scons build files for kdegames

Holger Schröder holger-kde at
Sat Dec 3 19:09:47 CET 2005

On Saturday 03 December 2005 13:23, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> A Dissabte 03 Desembre 2005 12:44, Ralf Habacker va escriure:
> > Holger Schröder schrieb:
> > >Hi,
> > >
> > >at you will find the
> > > files needed to compile kdegames with scons. the
> > >work is based on the SConscript files from Thomas Nagy
> > >in /branches/work/kdegames-scons/v1/.
> >
> > Which seems not to be ported to QT4, do you have really compiled this
> > stuff  ( trunk/KDE/kdegames is also not ported to QT4)
> Most of it is. The only things that don't build are kfouleggs, ksirtet adn
> atlantik iirc
> > >i put the SConscript files into a svn
> > >checkout of kdegames trunk and added the SConstruct file and the bksys
> > > subdir from kdelibs trunk. then i started adapting things for kdegames,
> > > added some functions and made the SConscript files a little simpler.
> > >
> > >i would like to commit the sconscript files to kdegames trunk, and the
> > > bksys subdir should go to kdegames trunk temporarily too.
> >
> > What does the maintainer of kdegames think about ?
> There is not much of that. Me as a person that has a light interest on
> kdegames says i'd like the sconscript to be there, but please don't commit
> the bksys directory to kdegames, use svn:externals for that.
well, when bksys stabilizes, it should of couse shared like the admin dir, but 
i had to change quite some things in bksys, and i don´t want to commit them 
to the kdelibs bksys now, because they should be generalizes a little bit 
more. the bksys in kdelibs is not ready to build something that is not 
kdelibs out of the box, and it should not be replaced by something that can 
only build kdegames, but by something that is flexible enough to handle both 
kdelibs and others (kdebase, kdegames, ...)

as this is still some way to go, i would like to temporarily commit my bksys 
to kdegames, and from there merge things into the kdelibs bksys step by step, 
and when it is finished, drop the bksys in kdegames and then make it an 
external to the kdelibs one.

> Albert

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