More UI mockups

Frederik Gladhorn gladhorn at
Wed Jan 26 15:54:37 CET 2011

On Wednesday 26. January 2011 04.49.12 Eugene Trounev wrote:
> Some thoughts on how the icon view might look like - appsotr.icon.png -
> margins here are approximate there, I don't necessarily want the app
> objects to be this far apart
> The list view - appsotr.list.png - alternating row color is desired
> The app detail page in 3 views:
> - the general default page view (I don't like the
> positioning of the "Become a fan" button. if you got any ideas - please
> shoot)
> appsotre.details.comments.png - this is how I think "post comment" box
> should look like (note the 50% transparent user avatar. this is to show
> that the state isn't *final*) [poor Frederik]
> appsotre.details.comments.REthread.png - the comments thread and in-thread
> reply  [poor-poor Frederik] ;)

Damn, does that mean I have to implement it?
/me runs :)

I hope I'll find some time, since there is motivation :)
Switching to the few categoris makes it nicer already, I just tried.


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