[Kde-bindings] A tiny bit of progress on PyKDE5

Philipp A. flying-sheep at web.de
Sun Nov 8 14:26:13 UTC 2015

great, thank you, any kind of progress is ver appreciated!

i’ll probably look at it soon, but i also have no idea about how it works
so don’t wait for it :)

best, p

Shaheed Haque <srhaque at theiet.org> schrieb am So., 8. Nov. 2015 um
13:11 Uhr:

> Hi,
> I made a tiny bit of progress on PyKDE5 and so pushed a couple of commits
> that disentangle the config logic that may have put off any dabbling. It is
> still not especially nice, and nor does it actually produce anything if you
> follow the (newly updated) instructions except an error to do with
> %Include'ing some PyQt5 files:
> ...
> Parsing imported Sip files:
>     Parsing /home/srhaque/source/pyqt5/sip/QtCore/QtCoremod.sip
> Error: Unable to find sip import 'name=pyqt-internal.sip5,
> optional=True)'. (sipImportDirs=['/home/srhaque/source/pyqt5/sip']
> Error: Unable to find sip import 'name=pyqt-gpl.sip5, optional=True)'.
> (sipImportDirs=['/home/srhaque/source/pyqt5/sip']
> Error: Unable to find sip import 'name=pyqt-commercial.sip5,
> optional=True)'. (sipImportDirs=['/home/srhaque/source/pyqt5/sip']
> File: '/home/srhaque/source/pyqt5/sip/QtCore/qcoreapplication.sip' Line:
> 59 Syntax error in input. Token type: SLASH, token value: /, lex state:
> function
> Oddly enough, strace claims the files that are being sought have names
> like this:
> stat("/home/srhaque/source/pyqt5/sip/QtCore/name=pyqt-gpl.sip5,
> optional=True)", 0x7ffeb0a36480) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
> Whereas the closest I have is:
> /home/srhaque/source/pyqt5/sip/pyqt-gpl.sip
> This clearly broken in terms of base directory, component level directory,
> the "name=" bit and also ".sip" versus ".sip5". I am obviously missing
> something pretty basic. Any pointers (and helpers!) welcome...
> Thanks, Shaheed
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