[Kde-bindings] Uniform Qt bindings for JRuby and Ruby

Cees Zeelenberg cees.zeelenberg at pg37.eu
Thu May 17 13:21:32 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

This may be of interest to some on this forum.  I have just uploaded a new
Gem package (qt_connect) with the aim to provide  a uniform Qt API for both
Ruby and JRuby platforms. The Gem provides JRuby bindings to the Qt Jambi
library with an (optional) extension to provide backward compatibility with
existing Qt Ruby programs.

The same Gem package provides for Qt Ruby programs a QtJambi inspired
interface to the Signals/Slots system without the need to use C++


download from RubyGems.org: gem install qt_connect


project on github: https://github.com/CeesZ/qt_connect


Cees Zeelenberg

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