[Kde-bindings] Fw: Qyoto: restored the signal interfaces to contain methods so that can be emitted

Dimitar Dobrev dpldobrev at yahoo.com
Mon May 14 21:15:37 UTC 2012

Oh, sorry, it has to do with the methods you need: you specifically wrote about Emit.DataChanged. Anyway, the interfaces contain methods once again, so you can use Emit.DataChanged.
About the currently existing OnDataChanged-like methods, they had existed way before my signals-to-events, they were just called DataChanged. I renamed them to avoid conflict with the events. I think they also emit signals but I don't know the difference with Emit.DataChanged. Here is the body:

        [SmokeMethod("dataChanged(const QModelIndex&, const QModelIndex&)")]
        protected new void OnDataChanged(QModelIndex topLeft, QModelIndex bottomRight) {
            object[] smokeArgs = new object[] {
            this.interceptor.Invoke("dataChanged##", "dataChanged(const QModelIndex&, const QModelIndex&)", typeof(void), false, smokeArgs);

And the Qt docs say:

void QAbstractItemModel::dataChanged ( const QModelIndex & topLeft, const QModelIndex & bottomRight ) [signal]
This signal is emitted whenever the data in an existing item changes.

If the items are of the same parent, the affected ones are those between topLeft and bottomRight inclusive. If the items do not have the same parent, the behavior is undefined.

When reimplementing the setData() function, this signal must be emitted explicitly.

So it seems this is also a signal emitter. It's be great if you could test them or otherwise find out the difference.

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Steven, this has actually nothing to do with the methods you need to emit a signal because they are still there - just renamed from Signal to OnSignal. 

So please try OnDataChanged in your project and see if it works properly.

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