[Kde-bindings] Smoke bindings for Qt5

Steven Boswell II ulatekh at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 10 22:04:02 UTC 2012

I would humbly request that a branch of smokeqt/qyoto/etc. happen so that the old Qt 4.8 version still works and can have bug fixes applied to it.

This is because I want to use Qyoto for a product with an organization that does its own internal software validation, and they like having a non-moving target (i.e. if they approve Qt 4.8 and the associated Qyoto for use on their systems, I want to make sure I can continue to use them without missing some critical bug fixes).

Luckily, making such a branch is pretty much standard practice...just being paranoid :-)

Steven Boswell

 From: Arno Rehn <arno at arnorehn.de>
To: KDE bindings for other programming languages <kde-bindings at kde.org> 
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 10:35 AM
Subject: Re: [Kde-bindings] Smoke bindings for Qt5
On 09/04/12 20:16, Richard Dale wrote:
> I've been building Qt5 from the git repo this Easter holiday and i was
> wondering if anyone had started working on generating Smoke libraries for it
> yet?
> We we do start should it be in the kde smokeqt repo as another branch or
> should we give it a different name like 'smokeqt5' for instance?
I actually wanted to wait for the Qt5 beta; then its API should be reasonable stable, too.
But maybe we should start earlier rather than later :) However I haven't attempted to build Qt5 yet.

-- Arno Rehn
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