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Dimitar Dobrev dpldobrev at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 9 20:27:35 UTC 2012

It works because while QFlags<> are not technically enums, they do nothing but provide type safety for C++ enums, that is, practically they are enums. On the C# side, enums are natively type-safe so it is completely correct to replace QFlags<Enum> with Enum.

Dimitar Dobrev

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On Thursday, April 05, 2012 12:59:19 PM Dimitar Dobrev wrote:

5. Generation of enum argument types instead of uint when mapping QFlags enums. 
Are you sure this is right? The QFlags values aren't enums, they are values of the templated class that is generated by the QFLAGS macro. To make that work in Qyoto you would need to generate the same templated class in C#. Is that what you had in mind?
-- Richard

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