[Kde-bindings] Re: build instructions for Qyoto

Stapleton, Steven J.S. (James) stapleton.41 at osu.edu
Fri Apr 22 10:50:59 UTC 2011

> How were you managing to not-build Qyoto in the first place??

Someone already answered that portion of the question. (`cmake ./` in the top level directry git pulled down).

> https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kdebindings is a website, you're
> supposed to use a web browser. It has directions for how to clone each
> repo.

Yep. However, as you might have seen in my command list, I had to use an http:// rather than git:// to get qyoto. I also tried several variants for grabbing kdebindings, not just that one. The web site is different from this morning, I'm guessing the migration from svn to git is happening right now? That's probably the source of my problems right there then - bad timing.

-Jim Stapleton

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