[Kde-bindings] Workaround for DataEngine::Data& slot argument in dataUpdated

David Palacio dpalacio at orbitalibre.org
Thu Nov 18 04:29:37 UTC 2010


Current problem: Plasmoid method `dataUpdated` cannot be called as slot
(Cannot handle DataEngine::Data as slot argument).

Workaround: dataengine.data.diff (attached)

The type for DataEngine::Data in generated smokedata.cpp is:
{ "const Plasma::DataEngine::Data&", 0, Smoke::t_voidp|Smoke::tf_stack },

This is not found by get_moc_arguments since it removes the const prefix
when searching the type.

Later, a handler for the type is not found since the name is missing the
same prefix as above.

So is the generated type name in smokedata.cpp wrong? Is this workaround
totally off?
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