[Kde-bindings] KjsEmbed - what is now and what will be?

Andreas Marschke xxtjaxx at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 28 11:38:47 UTC 2010

> You really think the Amarok for Windows install experience is a good
> role model? I don't think its great, we have a goal to simplify it
> into a single .exe that does everything with no options.
It wasn't my intention to either slack off the experience you get when 
installing amarok on windows or anything like that. It was just an example.
> anyways you missed my original point. There are *tons* of python and
> ruby libraries out there. It's part of their power. It probably
> would've been OK to have "Ruby + Korundum" and to enforce no external
> dependencies via social means. But we opted to go with "QtScript +
> qscriptgenerator". What was never an option was
> Ruby/QtScript/Python/anything else Kross thought up in the future, due
> to our experience from Amarok 1.4.
The problem with additional dependencies for one or another 
Ruby-/Python-/whatever-Script is not the problem of the application the script 
is targeting at. The responsibillity here is for the Developer of said scripts 
to tell the user in a README or on its website to tell the user: "Wait! Before 
you can actually use this pretty script I made, you need x,y and z dependency 
for better convenience and more powerful usage." But this is not what I care 
about and asked for. 

I'm looking for a solution to use Kross to enable simple scripts that a user 
wrote using for example the script console and then just publish it as a 
plugin. Not to make Scripting and Plugins 2 totally different things from one 

But thanks for the effort to clarify around your reasoning for what you had in 
mind designing this infrastructure anyway.


Andreas Marschke. 

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