[Kde-bindings] [Bug 228386] can't be build with -DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH=TRUE

Pavel Volkovitskiy olfway at symlink.ru
Fri Feb 26 06:28:53 UTC 2010


--- Comment #3 from Pavel Volkovitskiy <olfway symlink ru>  2010-02-26 07:28:51 ---
Thats ok to use just compiled binaries in build tree, and there is at least to
ways not to depend on cmake's RPATH settings

there is KDE4_HANDLE_RPATH_FOR_EXECUTABLE macro in KDE4Macros.cmake that just
makes shell wrapper with proper LD_LIBRARY_PATH/DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH/PATH, but
this will add dependency on kdelibs

or you can force cmake to use RPATH in generator sub-tree, see

there is another way - set it for target with set_target_properties, i tried
that but without success, may be i was doing something wrong, i'm not cmake

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