[Kde-bindings] Qyoto, C#, Mono - How to deploy on windows?

linuxoidoz at yahoo.com.au linuxoidoz at yahoo.com.au
Fri Feb 26 03:37:46 UTC 2010

I would like to check how my app works in windows, if it works there at all. Can Qyoto apps run in windows? 

I've read the Qt docs on how to deploy Qt apps in windows but they never mention how and where to get Qt runtime. You can either statically or dynamically link to qt4core.dll and qt4gui.dll. I have also KDE4.4 installed in windows which seemed to install Qt 4.6 as well, I've also copied Qtcore4.dll and Qtgui4.dll into both the executable and windows/system32 folders - but still the application simply crashes on start without any explanation.

What else can I do to make a Qt app made in Linux with Qyoto to work on windows? I don't have to download and install the whole 160-200 MB Qt suite, do I? Thank you. 

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