[Kde-bindings] Qt, Qyoto buttons work intermediately

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Mon Feb 15 08:01:21 UTC 2010

Apparently, it wasn't just the Title, as soon as I added this: "menuBar.Enabled = true;" the menu bar appeared. I guess there's a methods to set a menu bar, here's what I have:

menuBar = new QMenuBar(this);
menuFile = new QMenu(menuBar);
menuFile = MenuBar().AddMenu("&File");
menuBar.Enabled = true;

if I change "menuFile = MenuBar().AddMenu("&File");" for "menuFile.Title = "&File"" it also works.

But still no luck with controls in the 2nd class. Even the menus work fine in the MainWindow, but they don't work in the StartWindow or BasicVideoWindow.

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Subject: Re: [Kde-bindings] Qt, Qyoto buttons work intermediately
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010
From: Arno Rehn <arno at arnorehn.de>
To: KDE bindings for other programming languages <kde-bindings at kde.org>

> On Monday 15 February 2010 00:57:50 Linuxoid Oz wrote:
> > Arno,
> > 
> > Please get the whole project and code from here:
> > http://qt-giraff.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/qt-giraff/trunk/source/
> > 
> > If I could only get through this wall, I should be OK with the rest. Do you
> > know why the menu bar only shows from a Qt converted UI file but not when
> > I create it myself in the code? I'd really appreciate your help. Thank
> > you.
> The menubar is actually added. You just don't set any titles for the menus, so 
> the bar is just around 1px high. Add a line like
> menuFile.Title = "File...";
> and there you are.
> If you design the UI in-code, it is probably more convenient to use the 
> AddMenu() methods of QMenuBar. It already has overloads that accept a string 
> for the menu title.

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