[Kde-bindings] ruby binding and Qt::TextEdit::ExtraSelection

Thomas, Jason M (Software) jmthomas at ball.com
Mon Feb 8 21:39:44 UTC 2010

I'm having problems using Qt::TextEdit::ExtraSelection under ruby. The
following code shows the problem:


  class MyTextEdit < Qt::TextEdit

    def highlight

      selection = Qt::TextEdit::ExtraSelection.new

      selection.cursor = textCursor()

      STDOUT.puts "selection.cursor:#{selection.cursor}




When instantiating MyTextEdit and calling highlight the following output
is printed:



For some reason when I try to set the cursor property it runs but
doesn't appear to actually change the underlying property. This class is
different from most Qt classes in that it doesn't have explicit getter
and setter methods. I don't know if that is playing a role or not. 


BTW: What I'm trying to accomplish is to highlight and unhighlight
individual lines in the TextEdit and this looked like the recommended
way to do it.



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