[Kde-bindings] KDE/kdebindings

Arno Rehn arno at arnorehn.de
Sat Feb 6 15:08:45 UTC 2010

On Saturday 06 February 2010 15:51:13 Robert Riemann wrote:
> I read your mail, but I don't know what to do to "build smokekparts and
> korundum" from source. Some month ago I asked Richard for some help
> and as a result I made a first attempt to create a techbasewiki page
> about it. But I never could resolve all dependencies/problems to
> create a running version.
> http://techbase.kde.org/User:Robert_Riemann/Drafts/Build_qtruby
> So If you could provide some additional help, I could complete the
> wiki page and move it to the konrundum wiki page.
Well, if you're using KDE4 anyway, installing kdelibs4-devel or whatever it's 
called should be enough to compile kdebindings. You'll then have all required 
cmake modules. For qtruby you'll of course need ruby-devel and for C# you'll 
need mono-devel (or whatever the package is called that has the C# compiler 
and gacutil in it). If you use 'ccmake' instead of 'cmake' to configure, 
you'll get a nice interface that let's you configure what you want to build 
and what not.

I haven't used the openSUSE buildservice yet, but if it let's you apply 
patches, then just apply the patch I sent and rebuild the package.

Arno Rehn
arno at arnorehn.de

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