[Kde-bindings] Qt-ify your Rails model into a Qt App with qtonrails

Declan McGrath declan at divilment.com
Thu Feb 4 22:47:43 UTC 2010

Just a quick email to say that the qtruby-based qtonrails project I'm working on has gone to a point where it can used to generate a simple Qt Application off a Rails model.

The handiest way to use it is through the 'qtify' generator.

A caveat: If you are using gems/plugins in your Rails project when you try to generate it may through an error.

Still rough around the edges but has been fun hacking on it. I'll look to fix the caveat I just mentioned and then look at displaying validation errors. Would be nice to work on usability side of the GUI and maybe explore how to expand the generator to a KDE app (rather than just a Qt one). Maybe I'll try a bit of a sprint at FOSDEM if I can avoid beer for long enough :-)

The Rails plugin and source is at http://github.com/theirishpenguin/qtonrails with instructions.

Thanks again to everyone working on qtruby. It rocks!


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