[Kde-bindings] members of class KDE::File missing from korundum4

Stefano Crocco stefano.crocco at alice.it
Mon Feb 1 16:18:48 UTC 2010

On Monday 01 February 2010, Richard Dale wrote:
> |Hmm, strange - I get this:
> |
> |irb(main):002:0> KDE::File.constants
> |=> ["File", "Default", "Detail", "DetailTree", "Directory",
> |"ExistingOnly",  "Extended", "FileViewMax", "Files", "LocalOnly",
> |"ModeMax", "Multi", "NoSelection", "PreviewContents", "PreviewInfo",
> |"SeparateDirs", "Simple", "Single", "Tree"]
> |
> |They look like plausible KFile constants to me. Maybe this is a build
> |issue  with your Smoke libraries?

Now I get the same values you do, but I have no idea of what was wrong before.


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