[Kde-bindings] branches/work/kdebindings-smoke2

Arno Rehn kde at arnorehn.de
Thu Jan 10 17:55:43 UTC 2008

SVN commit 759474 by arnorehn:

* Kalyptus now takes a list of classes which should be included, rather
  than a list of classes which should be excluded, as suggested by
  Richard Dale. Maybe we should add support for both?
* Added stuff for parsing Q_DECLARE_FLAGS to kalyptus from trunk.
* Added missing Q_DECL_EXPORT macros to Qyoto.

CCMAIL: kde-bindings at kde.org

 M  +8 -0      ChangeLog  
 M  +36 -36    csharp/qyoto/src/handlers.cpp  
 M  +50 -50    csharp/qyoto/src/qyoto.cpp  
 M  +50 -17    kalyptus/kalyptus  
 M  +22 -32    kalyptus/kalyptusCxxToSmoke.pm  
 M  +2 -2      ruby/qtruby/src/lib/Qt/qtruby4.rb  
 A             smoke/qsci/classlist  
 M  +1 -3      smoke/qsci/generate.pl.cmake  
 A             smoke/qt/classlist  
 M  +1 -1      smoke/qt/generate.pl.cmake  

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