[Kde-bindings] Documentation on kalyptus and smoke

Thomas Moenicke tm at php-qt.org
Tue Apr 1 15:06:30 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 26 March 2008 03:21:32 Gary Greene wrote:
> I've finally gotten some time to work on finishing up the KDE3 marshallers
> for PerlKDE, but I'm lost as to how the bindings generation works since
> there doesn't seem to be a complete set of documentation on the tools to
> allow me to finish this easily. Basically, I need a how to explaining what
> I do to make the C++ calls accessible to Perl. Thanks.

I dunno at which point you are, but for this particular issue you should 
implement a proxy handler for Interpreter -> C++, as well as the  
SmokeBinding::callMethod(...) for C++ -> Interpreter. Then each time marshal 
them into the right direction (VirtualMethodCall, MethodCall). The same for 
signal/slot. Find out the right smoke id's and run the call. It's worth to 
have a closer look at QtRuby.

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