[Kde-bindings] Up to date instructions for QtRuby install on OS X

Caleb Tennis caleb at aei-tech.com
Sun Jan 28 16:35:06 UTC 2007

> Maybe some sort of wiki is the best place for this sort of stuff.  
> As long as
> google can find the help forum or the blog it is ok though.

Agreed, probably the new developer wiki would be a good place for  
it.  This was something that Steven wanted to undertake and I just  
helped go through the steps and resolve any issues that arose in the  

> OK, I'll make sure the version-info bug is fixed for the next  
> release. Other
> than that I couldn't see anything I could really change to improve  
> things. I
> find it very disappointing that autoconf/automake don't work better  
> on Mac OS
> X as we seem to want to do some pretty standard things. Like build  
> a shared
> lib from sources for smoke, or build simple command line tools from  
> c++
> sources such as rbuic. Only the qtruby extension is a bit  
> problematical in
> that the build system needs to know we're building a bundle, rather  
> than a
> shared lib for dlopening. But even that should all be simple stuff  
> which
> should just work.

Yeah, I don't know any way to make it better either.  We're just  
trying to make sure the instructions are up do date as much as possible.

> The qt4 version of qtruby has cmake files for building now, and  
> possible that
> will work better on Mac OS X/Windows - I really hope so. At the  
> moment they
> have kde4 dependencies, and I don't know enough about cmake to  
> remove those
> for the qt-only parts of qtruby. Also I think it should be possible  
> to build
> a gem via cmake, which would be very nice.

Here's to hoping the qt4 version's buildsystem will be much better  
than the automake/tools mess!


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