[Kde-bindings] Suggestions for Qyoto

Arno Rehn arno at arnorehn.de
Tue Jan 23 16:21:43 UTC 2007


I have a few improvement suggestions for Qyoto:
1. How about making every C# method a slot, instead of using the Q_SLOT 
attribute? It would speed up developing an application, in my opionion and 
would help suggestion #2. Q_SLOTs kann still be used to modify the signature 
of a slot by hand.

2. Use delegates. It would be a lot more C#-ish if we would use delegates in 
addition. I don't know if it's possible to catch the call of a signal, even 
if it doesn't have a slot connected to it. From what I've tried, it only 
works if there is a slot connected. But it's still possible with delegates, 
we just need to autoconnect the slots when adding a delegate to an event. 
I've already tried this, it's not a problem. But I think it would 
significantly increase the size of the code if we'd add the delegate stuff 
for each class with signals.
My idea of implementation would be to make every class a partial class and 
then add the delegates stuff in an extra file, like QClassNameEvents.cs

3. Make every method in the signals interface a signal, without use of 
Q_SIGNAL (you can still use the attribute to set the signature by hand).

Just a few suggestions from my side.

Arno Rehn
arno at arnorehn.de

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