[Kde-bindings] QByteArray

Richard Dale rdale at foton.es
Thu Jan 18 10:48:07 UTC 2007

On Thursday 18 January 2007 10:30, David Hallas Andersen wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to write some code using QByteArray, but I keep getting
> 'undefined method' errors when accessing functions from the derived
> template class QMemArray. And I cant find the functions using rbqtapi tool.
> Is this a known issue? And is there any way I can bypass it?
There are a few more functions that have been added that aren't in the Smoke 
library, and so you can't see them via the rbqtapi tool:

irb(main):009:0> Qt::ByteArray.instance_methods(false).sort
=> ["data", "data=", "length", "setRawData", "size", "to_s"]

I just added to minimum to make it usable for passing to methods that expect a 
Qt::ByteArray, such as those that create a Qt::DataStream with the 
Qt::ByteArray being written to via the stream rather than directly.

Which methods are you missing - perhaps I should add them?

> I am using QtRuby 3.3 bindings.
There are lot more methods in the version of Qt::ByteArray in the Qt4 QtRuby 
bindings, but that doesn't help with your current problem.

-- Richard

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