[Kde-bindings] Some refactoring

Richard Dale rdale at foton.es
Mon Jan 15 10:32:46 UTC 2007

On Sunday 14 January 2007 17:46, Paolo Capriotti wrote:
> On Sunday 14 January 2007 15:33, Arno Rehn wrote:
> > I just took a quick look and patched a copy of my sources. It seems to
> > work all well. I have a testing program which uses the whole thing with
> > Signals/Slots and that works perfect. I think you can commit your
> > changes, I see no problems. If there are some, they can't be major and
> > can be easily fixed, I think.
> Ok, I did commit. For the future, I think some kind of automatic regression
> checking system would be useful, probably in the form of unit tests.
OK, nice to have the code using generics. The Qt examples and tutorials are 
quite good for regression testing if we had more of them converted to C#. 
Then it wouldn't do any harm to have extra unit tests that tested anything 
not covered by the examples. I wrote a ruby script to help convert from C++ 
to ruby, and perhaps I could adapt that to convert to C# which would speed up 
the work.

-- Richard

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