[Kde-bindings] Some refactoring

Paolo Capriotti paolo.capriotti at kdemail.net
Sat Jan 13 11:25:17 UTC 2007

I've found some time to come back to Qyoto hacking, and I've decided to port 
most of the code that was using ArrayList's, Hashtable's and other .NET 1.1 
idioms to .NET 2.
This should bring an improvement both in terms of code readability and 
Not all legacy containers have disappeared, though, because I still have to 
figure out what those methods like AddAddObjectObjectToHashtable do :)
I didn't commit the changes because I'm not 100% sure I didn't introduce some 
breakage, so I ask someone to check the attached patch to see if it's ok.

Paolo Capriotti
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