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Arno Rehn arno at arnorehn.de
Mon Feb 26 21:38:56 UTC 2007

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Ok, I found out why QDBusAbstractAdaptor doesn't work with the current way of 
implementation. It seems like a call to 'staticMetaObject' via Smoke doesn't 
return the same meta object as we would get when calling 
QDBusAbstractAdaptor::staticMetaObject - I don't know what's going wrong 
there, but the returned object is definitely an other one. I compared the 
return value of meta->superClass() with 
&QDBusAbstractAdaptor::staticMetaObject at the end of make_metaObject() in 
both the revision of Qyoto in which it still worked and in the current one. 
With the revision where it still worked, the pointers were the same, 
currently they aren't.
The workaround itself is rather simple, look for the line
	QMetaObject* parent = parent_meta_object(type);
in make_metaObject() and directly after that add
	if (strcmp(parent->className(), "QDBusAbstractAdaptor") == 0) {
		parent = (QMetaObject*) &QDBusAbstractAdaptor::staticMetaObject;
and voila, it should work. At least kind of, there still seem to be some 
problems with QDBusVariants...
I don't know why this problem exists or why it is important 'which' meta 
object is set as a parent, because the signals/slots/classinfos/whatever are 
the same since it is a native Qt class and not a custom one created in C#.
Is there another way to obtain the static metaobject of an object than reading 
staticMetaObject? I don't want to create an instance of every parent class to 
pass to make_metaObject() as it would slow down the whole thing a lot, as 
I've already said.
Any ideas?

Arno Rehn
arno at arnorehn.de

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