[Kde-bindings] playground/bindings/kimono

Richard Dale rdale at foton.es
Tue Feb 13 10:40:44 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 13 February 2007, Richard Dale wrote:
> * Removed the signal spy check and replaced it with a global flag
>   'application_terminated'. Once the flag is set, destructors are no
>   longer called.
This doesn't work, and I don't really understand what is going on. I tried 
connecting to the signal 'aboutToQuit()' in the pong example like this:

class Pong : QObject {
    static private string SERVICE_NAME = "com.trolltech.QtDBus.PingExample";

    public void Terminator() {
        Console.WriteLine("Terminator called");


        Pong pong = new Pong();
        Connect(app, SIGNAL("aboutToQuit()"), pong, SLOT("Terminator()"));

And it did emit the 'aboutToQuit()' signal even though QCoreApplication.Exec() 
wasn't called. But it still crashed:

Terminator called

** ERROR **: EnterCriticalSection: EnterCriticalSection failed: Invalid 

I haven't tried a C++ class to catch the signal - I would like to understand 
what is going on really.

-- Richard

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