[Kde-bindings] playground/bindings/kimono

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at tipitina.demon.co.uk
Wed May 31 16:55:27 UTC 2006

SVN commit 547019 by rdale:

* Moved the tutorial examples to examples/tutorial

CCMAIL: kde-bindings at kde.org

 M  +4 -0      ChangeLog  
 A             examples (directory)  
 A             examples/tutorial (directory)  
 A             examples/tutorial/t1 (directory)  
 A             examples/tutorial/t1/t1.cs  
 A             examples/tutorial/t2 (directory)  
 A             examples/tutorial/t2/t2.cs  
 A             examples/tutorial/t3 (directory)  
 A             examples/tutorial/t3/t3.cs  
 A             examples/tutorial/t4 (directory)  
 A             examples/tutorial/t4/t4.cs  
 A             examples/tutorial/t5 (directory)  
 A             examples/tutorial/t5/t5.cs  
 A             examples/tutorial/t6 (directory)  
 A             examples/tutorial/t6/t6.cs  

--- trunk/playground/bindings/kimono/ChangeLog #547018:547019
@@ -1,3 +1,7 @@
+2006-05-31  Richard Dale  <rdale at foton.es>
+	* Moved the tutorial examples to examples/tutorial
 2006-05-31  Paolo Capriotti  <paolo.capriotti at gmail.com>
 	* Added a void** marshaller in handler.cpp (needed for qt_metacall).

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