[Kde-bindings] Jambi

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Sat Jul 29 15:43:41 UTC 2006

On Saturday 29 July 2006 16:42, Adam Treat wrote:
> On Saturday 29 July 2006 10:36 am, Sebastian Sauer wrote:
> > Ashley Winters wrote:
> > > Anyone else going to keep an eye on the Jambi mailing-list?
> >
> > I am subscribed now :)
> Is it possible to subscribe this list to jambi mailing list?  I think it 
> be completely on topic.

Please don't try linking the lists together like that. I have a strong feeling 
that would be a bad idea. If anything interesting does appear on the jambi 
list, then just forward it to this one.


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