[Kde-bindings] korundum: KURL::List as param to DCOP call

Glenn Ergeerts glenn.ergeerts at telenet.be
Sun Dec 24 13:00:41 UTC 2006


i'm trying to use KGet's DCOP interface from ruby/korundum, more specifically 
the method 
ASYNC addTransfers(KURL::List src,QString destDir)
The problem is the first parameter: There does not seem to exist a 
KDE::URL::List class. 
I've tried a couple of things like passing a KDE::URL, which returns true but 
this doesn't seem to do anything..

irb(main):009:0> dcopRef.send("addTransfers", url, "/tmp")
=> true

Passing an array of KDE::URLs gives me an
ArgumentError: NULL pointer given

I also looked for a Qt::ValueList class (because KURL::List derives from 
QValueList) but it doesn't exists.

So i'm stuck here (and probably missing something obious, being new to 
ruby/korundum/DCOP).. Can someone point me in the right direction please?


PS: I'm using kubuntu edgy's korundum 3.5.4
The testcode i'm using:

    dcopclient = KDE::DCOPClient.new
    dcopRef = KDE::DCOPRef.new("kget", "KGet-Interface")
    result = dcopRef.send("addTransfers", url, "/tmp")

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