[Kde-bindings] playground/bindings/kimono

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at tipitina.demon.co.uk
Wed Dec 6 13:46:27 UTC 2006

SVN commit 611028 by rdale:

* Regenerate the Qyoto classes against the Qt 4.2.2 headers
* Split the classes into core, qdbus, gui, network, opengl, sql, svg
  and xml directories corresponding to the Qt modules.
* Changed the CMakeLists.txt build file to match the new structure

CCMAIL: kde-bindings at kde.org

 M  +1 -1      CMakeLists.txt  
 M  +7 -0      ChangeLog  
 A             core (directory)  
 A             core/QAbstractEventDispatcher.cs  
 A             core/QAbstractFileEngine.cs  
 A             core/QAbstractFileEngineHandler.cs  
 A             core/QAbstractItemModel.cs  
 A             core/QAbstractListModel.cs  
 A             core/QAbstractTableModel.cs  
 A             core/QBasicTimer.cs  
 A             core/QBitRef.cs  
 A             core/QBool.cs  
 A             core/QBuffer.cs  
 A             core/QByteArray.cs  
 A             core/QByteArrayMatcher.cs  
 A             core/QByteRef.cs  
 A             core/QChar.cs  
 A             core/QCharRef.cs  
 A             core/QChildEvent.cs  
 A             core/QCoreApplication.cs  
 A             core/QDataStream.cs  
 A             core/QDate.cs  
 A             core/QDateTime.cs  
 A             core/QDir.cs  
 A             core/QDynamicPropertyChangeEvent.cs  
 A             core/QEvent.cs  
 A             core/QEventLoop.cs  
 A             core/QFSFileEngine.cs  
 A             core/QFactoryInterface.cs  
 A             core/QFile.cs  
 A             core/QFileInfo.cs  
 A             core/QFlag.cs  
 A             core/QGenericArgument.cs  
 A             core/QGenericReturnArgument.cs  
 A             core/QGlobalSpace.cs  
 A             core/QIODevice.cs  
 A             core/QLatin1Char.cs  
 A             core/QLibrary.cs  
 A             core/QLibraryInfo.cs  
 A             core/QLine.cs  
 A             core/QLineF.cs  
 A             core/QLocale.cs  
 A             core/QMetaClassInfo.cs  
 A             core/QMetaEnum.cs  
 A             core/QMetaMethod.cs  
 A             core/QMetaObject.cs  
 A             core/QMetaProperty.cs  
 A             core/QMetaType.cs  
 A             core/QMimeData.cs  
 A             core/QModelIndex.cs  
 A             core/QObject.cs  
 A             core/QObjectCleanupHandler.cs  
 A             core/QObjectUserData.cs  
 A             core/QPersistentModelIndex.cs  
 A             core/QPluginLoader.cs  
 A             core/QPoint.cs  
 A             core/QPointF.cs  
 A             core/QProcess.cs  
 A             core/QRect.cs  
 A             core/QRectF.cs  
 A             core/QRegExp.cs  
 A             core/QSettings.cs  
 A             core/QSignalMapper.cs  
 A             core/QSize.cs  
 A             core/QSizeF.cs  
 A             core/QSocketNotifier.cs  
 A             core/QStringMatcher.cs  
 A             core/QSysInfo.cs  
 A             core/QSystemLocale.cs  
 A             core/QTemporaryFile.cs  
 A             core/QTextCodec.cs  
 A             core/QTextCodecFactoryInterface.cs  
 A             core/QTextCodecPlugin.cs  
 A             core/QTextDecoder.cs  
 A             core/QTextEncoder.cs  
 A             core/QTextStream.cs  
 A             core/QTime.cs  
 A             core/QTimeLine.cs  
 A             core/QTimer.cs  
 A             core/QTimerEvent.cs  
 A             core/QTranslator.cs  
 A             core/QUrl.cs  
 A             core/QUuid.cs  
 A             core/QVariant.cs  
 A             core/Qt.cs  
 A             gui (directory)  
 A             gui/QAbstractButton.cs  
 A             gui/QAbstractGraphicsShapeItem.cs  
 A             gui/QAbstractItemDelegate.cs  
 A             gui/QAbstractItemView.cs  
 A             gui/QAbstractPageSetupDialog.cs  
 A             gui/QAbstractPrintDialog.cs  
 A             gui/QAbstractProxyModel.cs  
 A             gui/QAbstractScrollArea.cs  
 A             gui/QAbstractSlider.cs  
 A             gui/QAbstractSpinBox.cs  
 A             gui/QAbstractTextDocumentLayout.cs  
 A             gui/QAction.cs  
 A             gui/QActionEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QActionGroup.cs  
 A             gui/QApplication.cs  
 A             gui/QBitmap.cs  
 A             gui/QBoxLayout.cs  
 A             gui/QBrush.cs  
 A             gui/QButtonGroup.cs  
 A             gui/QCalendarWidget.cs  
 A             gui/QCheckBox.cs  
 A             gui/QCleanlooksStyle.cs  
 A             gui/QClipboard.cs  
 A             gui/QClipboardEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QCloseEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QColor.cs  
 A             gui/QColorDialog.cs  
 A             gui/QColormap.cs  
 A             gui/QComboBox.cs  
 A             gui/QCommonStyle.cs  
 A             gui/QCompleter.cs  
 A             gui/QConicalGradient.cs  
 A             gui/QContextMenuEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QCursor.cs  
 A             gui/QDataWidgetMapper.cs  
 A             gui/QDateEdit.cs  
 A             gui/QDateTimeEdit.cs  
 A             gui/QDesktopServices.cs  
 A             gui/QDesktopWidget.cs  
 A             gui/QDial.cs  
 A             gui/QDialog.cs  
 A             gui/QDialogButtonBox.cs  
 A             gui/QDirModel.cs  
 A             gui/QDockWidget.cs  
 A             gui/QDoubleSpinBox.cs  
 A             gui/QDoubleValidator.cs  
 A             gui/QDrag.cs  
 A             gui/QDragEnterEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QDragLeaveEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QDragMoveEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QDragResponseEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QDropEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QErrorMessage.cs  
 A             gui/QFileDialog.cs  
 A             gui/QFileIconProvider.cs  
 A             gui/QFileOpenEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QFocusEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QFocusFrame.cs  
 A             gui/QFont.cs  
 A             gui/QFontComboBox.cs  
 A             gui/QFontDatabase.cs  
 A             gui/QFontDialog.cs  
 A             gui/QFontInfo.cs  
 A             gui/QFontMetrics.cs  
 A             gui/QFontMetricsF.cs  
 A             gui/QFrame.cs  
 A             gui/QGradient.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsEllipseItem.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsItem.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsItemAnimation.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsItemGroup.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsLineItem.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsPathItem.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsPixmapItem.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsPolygonItem.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsRectItem.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsScene.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsSceneContextMenuEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsSceneDragDropEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsSceneEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsSceneHelpEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsSceneHoverEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsSceneWheelEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsSimpleTextItem.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsTextItem.cs  
 A             gui/QGraphicsView.cs  
 A             gui/QGridLayout.cs  
 A             gui/QGroupBox.cs  
 A             gui/QHBoxLayout.cs  
 A             gui/QHeaderView.cs  
 A             gui/QHelpEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QHideEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QHoverEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QIcon.cs  
 A             gui/QIconDragEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QIconEngine.cs  
 A             gui/QImage.cs  
 A             gui/QImageIOHandler.cs  
 A             gui/QImageReader.cs  
 A             gui/QImageWriter.cs  
 A             gui/QInputContext.cs  
 A             gui/QInputContextFactory.cs  
 A             gui/QInputContextFactoryInterface.cs  
 A             gui/QInputDialog.cs  
 A             gui/QInputEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QInputMethodEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QIntValidator.cs  
 A             gui/QItemDelegate.cs  
 A             gui/QItemEditorCreatorBase.cs  
 A             gui/QItemEditorFactory.cs  
 A             gui/QItemSelection.cs  
 A             gui/QItemSelectionModel.cs  
 A             gui/QItemSelectionRange.cs  
 A             gui/QKeyEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QKeySequence.cs  
 A             gui/QLCDNumber.cs  
 A             gui/QLabel.cs  
 A             gui/QLayout.cs  
 A             gui/QLayoutItem.cs  
 A             gui/QLineEdit.cs  
 A             gui/QLinearGradient.cs  
 A             gui/QListView.cs  
 A             gui/QListWidget.cs  
 A             gui/QListWidgetItem.cs  
 A             gui/QMainWindow.cs  
 A             gui/QMatrix.cs  
 A             gui/QMenu.cs  
 A             gui/QMenuBar.cs  
 A             gui/QMessageBox.cs  
 A             gui/QMimeSource.cs  
 A             gui/QMouseEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QMoveEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QMovie.cs  
 A             gui/QPageSetupDialog.cs  
 A             gui/QPaintDevice.cs  
 A             gui/QPaintEngine.cs  
 A             gui/QPaintEngineState.cs  
 A             gui/QPaintEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QPainter.cs  
 A             gui/QPainterPath.cs  
 A             gui/QPainterPathStroker.cs  
 A             gui/QPalette.cs  
 A             gui/QPen.cs  
 A             gui/QPicture.cs  
 A             gui/QPictureIO.cs  
 A             gui/QPixmap.cs  
 A             gui/QPixmapCache.cs  
 A             gui/QPlastiqueStyle.cs  
 A             gui/QPolygon.cs  
 A             gui/QPolygonF.cs  
 A             gui/QPrintDialog.cs  
 A             gui/QPrintEngine.cs  
 A             gui/QPrinter.cs  
 A             gui/QProgressBar.cs  
 A             gui/QProgressDialog.cs  
 A             gui/QPushButton.cs  
 A             gui/QRadialGradient.cs  
 A             gui/QRadioButton.cs  
 A             gui/QRegExpValidator.cs  
 A             gui/QRegion.cs  
 A             gui/QResizeEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QRubberBand.cs  
 A             gui/QScrollArea.cs  
 A             gui/QScrollBar.cs  
 A             gui/QSessionManager.cs  
 A             gui/QShortcut.cs  
 A             gui/QShortcutEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QShowEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QSizeGrip.cs  
 A             gui/QSizePolicy.cs  
 A             gui/QSlider.cs  
 A             gui/QSortFilterProxyModel.cs  
 A             gui/QSound.cs  
 A             gui/QSpacerItem.cs  
 A             gui/QSpinBox.cs  
 A             gui/QSplashScreen.cs  
 A             gui/QSplitter.cs  
 A             gui/QSplitterHandle.cs  
 A             gui/QStackedLayout.cs  
 A             gui/QStackedWidget.cs  
 A             gui/QStandardItem.cs  
 A             gui/QStandardItemModel.cs  
 A             gui/QStatusBar.cs  
 A             gui/QStatusTipEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QStringListModel.cs  
 A             gui/QStyle.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleFactory.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleFactoryInterface.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleHintReturn.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleHintReturnMask.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOption.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionButton.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionComboBox.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionComplex.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionDockWidget.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionFocusRect.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionFrame.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionFrameV2.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionGraphicsItem.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionGroupBox.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionHeader.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionMenuItem.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionProgressBar.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionProgressBarV2.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionRubberBand.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionSizeGrip.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionSlider.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionSpinBox.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionTab.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionTabBarBase.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionTabV2.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionTabWidgetFrame.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionTitleBar.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionToolBar.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionToolBox.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionToolButton.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionViewItem.cs  
 A             gui/QStyleOptionViewItemV2.cs  
 A             gui/QStylePainter.cs  
 A             gui/QSyntaxHighlighter.cs  
 A             gui/QSystemTrayIcon.cs  
 A             gui/QTabBar.cs  
 A             gui/QTabWidget.cs  
 A             gui/QTableView.cs  
 A             gui/QTableWidget.cs  
 A             gui/QTableWidgetItem.cs  
 A             gui/QTableWidgetSelectionRange.cs  
 A             gui/QTabletEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QTextBlock.cs  
 A             gui/QTextBlockFormat.cs  
 A             gui/QTextBlockGroup.cs  
 A             gui/QTextBlockUserData.cs  
 A             gui/QTextBrowser.cs  
 A             gui/QTextCharFormat.cs  
 A             gui/QTextCursor.cs  
 A             gui/QTextDocument.cs  
 A             gui/QTextDocumentFragment.cs  
 A             gui/QTextEdit.cs  
 A             gui/QTextFormat.cs  
 A             gui/QTextFragment.cs  
 A             gui/QTextFrame.cs  
 A             gui/QTextFrameFormat.cs  
 A             gui/QTextFrameLayoutData.cs  
 A             gui/QTextImageFormat.cs  
 A             gui/QTextInlineObject.cs  
 A             gui/QTextItem.cs  
 A             gui/QTextLayout.cs  
 A             gui/QTextLength.cs  
 A             gui/QTextLine.cs  
 A             gui/QTextList.cs  
 A             gui/QTextListFormat.cs  
 A             gui/QTextObject.cs  
 A             gui/QTextObjectInterface.cs  
 A             gui/QTextOption.cs  
 A             gui/QTextTable.cs  
 A             gui/QTextTableCell.cs  
 A             gui/QTextTableFormat.cs  
 A             gui/QTimeEdit.cs  
 A             gui/QToolBar.cs  
 A             gui/QToolBarChangeEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QToolBox.cs  
 A             gui/QToolButton.cs  
 A             gui/QToolTip.cs  
 A             gui/QTreeView.cs  
 A             gui/QTreeWidget.cs  
 A             gui/QTreeWidgetItem.cs  
 A             gui/QTreeWidgetItemIterator.cs  
 A             gui/QUndoCommand.cs  
 A             gui/QUndoGroup.cs  
 A             gui/QUndoStack.cs  
 A             gui/QUndoView.cs  
 A             gui/QVBoxLayout.cs  
 A             gui/QValidator.cs  
 A             gui/QWhatsThis.cs  
 A             gui/QWhatsThisClickedEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QWheelEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QWidget.cs  
 A             gui/QWidgetAction.cs  
 A             gui/QWidgetItem.cs  
 A             gui/QWindowStateChangeEvent.cs  
 A             gui/QWindowsStyle.cs  
 A             gui/QWorkspace.cs  
 A             network (directory)  
 A             network/QAbstractSocket.cs  
 A             network/QFtp.cs  
 A             network/QHostAddress.cs  
 A             network/QHostInfo.cs  
 A             network/QHttp.cs  
 A             network/QHttpHeader.cs  
 A             network/QHttpRequestHeader.cs  
 A             network/QHttpResponseHeader.cs  
 A             network/QNetworkAddressEntry.cs  
 A             network/QNetworkInterface.cs  
 A             network/QNetworkProxy.cs  
 A             network/QTcpServer.cs  
 A             network/QTcpSocket.cs  
 A             network/QUdpSocket.cs  
 A             network/QUrlInfo.cs  
 A             opengl (directory)  
 A             opengl/QGL.cs  
 A             opengl/QGLColormap.cs  
 A             opengl/QGLContext.cs  
 A             opengl/QGLFormat.cs  
 A             opengl/QGLFramebufferObject.cs  
 A             opengl/QGLPixelBuffer.cs  
 A             opengl/QGLWidget.cs  
 D             qyoto (directory)  
 A             sql (directory)  
 A             sql/QSql.cs  
 A             sql/QSqlDatabase.cs  
 A             sql/QSqlDriver.cs  
 A             sql/QSqlDriverCreatorBase.cs  
 A             sql/QSqlDriverFactoryInterface.cs  
 A             sql/QSqlError.cs  
 A             sql/QSqlField.cs  
 A             sql/QSqlIndex.cs  
 A             sql/QSqlQuery.cs  
 A             sql/QSqlQueryModel.cs  
 A             sql/QSqlRecord.cs  
 A             sql/QSqlRelation.cs  
 A             sql/QSqlRelationalTableModel.cs  
 A             sql/QSqlResult.cs  
 A             sql/QSqlTableModel.cs  
 A             svg (directory)  
 A             svg/QSvgRenderer.cs  
 A             svg/QSvgWidget.cs  
 A             xml (directory)  
 A             xml/QDomAttr.cs  
 A             xml/QDomCDATASection.cs  
 A             xml/QDomCharacterData.cs  
 A             xml/QDomComment.cs  
 A             xml/QDomDocument.cs  
 A             xml/QDomDocumentFragment.cs  
 A             xml/QDomDocumentType.cs  
 A             xml/QDomElement.cs  
 A             xml/QDomEntity.cs  
 A             xml/QDomEntityReference.cs  
 A             xml/QDomImplementation.cs  
 A             xml/QDomNamedNodeMap.cs  
 A             xml/QDomNode.cs  
 A             xml/QDomNodeList.cs  
 A             xml/QDomNotation.cs  
 A             xml/QDomProcessingInstruction.cs  
 A             xml/QDomText.cs  
 A             xml/QXmlAttributes.cs  
 A             xml/QXmlContentHandler.cs  
 A             xml/QXmlDTDHandler.cs  
 A             xml/QXmlDeclHandler.cs  
 A             xml/QXmlDefaultHandler.cs  
 A             xml/QXmlEntityResolver.cs  
 A             xml/QXmlErrorHandler.cs  
 A             xml/QXmlInputSource.cs  
 A             xml/QXmlLexicalHandler.cs  
 A             xml/QXmlLocator.cs  
 A             xml/QXmlNamespaceSupport.cs  
 A             xml/QXmlParseException.cs  
 A             xml/QXmlReader.cs  
 A             xml/QXmlSimpleReader.cs  

--- trunk/playground/bindings/kimono/CMakeLists.txt #611027:611028
@@ -26,6 +26,6 @@
 ADD_LIBRARY (qyoto SHARED qyoto.cpp handlers.cpp)
-ADD_CUSTOM_TARGET (qt-dotnet ALL ${MCS_PATH} -unsafe -warn:0 -out:qt-dotnet.dll -target:library SmokeInvocation.cs Qyoto.cs qyoto/*.cs qdbus/*.cs)
+ADD_CUSTOM_TARGET (qt-dotnet ALL ${MCS_PATH} -unsafe -warn:0 -out:qt-dotnet.dll -target:library SmokeInvocation.cs Qyoto.cs core/*.cs gui/*.cs network/*.cs sql/*.cs xml/*.cs svg/*.cs opengl/*.cs qdbus/*.cs)
 ADD_DEPENDENCIES (qt-dotnet qyoto)
--- trunk/playground/bindings/kimono/ChangeLog #611027:611028
@@ -1,3 +1,10 @@
+2006-10-23  Richard Dale  <rdale at foton.es>
+	* Regenerate the Qyoto classes against the Qt 4.2.2 headers
+	* Split the classes into core, qdbus, gui, network, opengl, sql, svg
+      and xml directories corresponding to the Qt modules.
+	* Changed the CMakeLists.txt build file to match the new structure
 2006-12-04  Arno Rehn  <arno at arnorehn.de>
 	* Added marshallers for QMaps

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