[Kde-bindings] DCOP call to ktorrent

Anthony Bargnesi abargnesi at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 04:37:54 UTC 2006

Hello Korundum devs/users,

This is definately a cool tool and I would like to be able to integrate with
ktorrent via dcop.  I can do a bash command like the following:

dcop ktorrent KTorrent getInfo

This call spits out the following:

Transferred up: 21.6 MB / down: 188.9 MB
> Speed up: 1.0 KB/s / down: 21.6 KB/s
> DHT: off

So I can see that it is reachacle via dcop but when I try it using Korundum
I receive:

DCOPRef::call():  no DCOP client or client not attached error

The following is my simple ruby script:

require 'Korundum'
> dcopRef = KDE::DCOPRef.new("ktorrent", "KTorrent")
> info = dcopRef.getInfo
> puts info

Does it take more than this to connect to a running DCOP slot?  It seems
like I have to setup
the dcopclient before I make a "call".


Anthony Bargnesi
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