[Kde-bindings] KDE/kdebindings/qtruby/rubylib/qtruby

Caleb Tennis caleb at gentoo.org
Mon Aug 28 20:12:20 UTC 2006

>      if(!ccMeth) {
> +	delete[] ccArg;
>  	return 0;

I'm still getting valgrind warnings even after this fix, so either I
didn't fix it completely or I am missing where else to fix.  I'll have to
continue invesgiating tomorrow.

I'm also concerned about this:

==30548== 4,176 bytes in 1,044 blocks are definitely lost in loss record
8,724 of 8,783
==30548==    at 0x40203ED: malloc (in
==30548==    by 0x4061365: ruby_xmalloc (gc.c:121)
==30548==    by 0x438F27F: InvokeDCOPSlot::InvokeDCOPSlot(unsigned long,
unsigned long, unsigned long, QMemArray<char>&, unsign
ed long, unsigned long, QMemArray<char>&) (Korundum.cpp:872)
==30548==    by 0x4389B61: dcop_process (Korundum.cpp:970)

In which:

 _sp = ALLOC_N(VALUE, _items);

gets allocated in the constructor of InvokeDCOPSLot, but there's no place
where the memory is ever free'd.  I'll have to investigate that one
tomorrow as well.


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