[Kde-bindings] [Bug 105450] compiling smoke/kde from kdebindings

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at tipitina.demon.co.uk
Wed May 11 11:03:56 UTC 2005

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On Wednesday 11 May 2005 10:30, Dieter Ferdinand wrote:
[bugs.kde.org quoted mail]
I can't see how this could be caused by a problem with the bindings. 
kdebindings just uses the standard KDE build stuff to find that sort of 

> the second problem is smoke/kde. the linking stops with undefind symbols.
> i search the symbols in the kde-libs und find out, that two libs are
> missing: kmdi knewstuff
> after restart the link-process with this two libs, the program is linked
> and i can compile the rest.
> i hope, without errors.

I looks like a configure problem. When you configure kdebindings it should 
look at the kde version and link in kmdi and knewstuff if the version is 
recent enough. Were there any errors from the configure about these libs?

-- Richard

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