[Kde-bindings] making smoke/korundum generate bindings for other things?

Gábor Lehel illissius at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 21:42:31 UTC 2005

Could you give a quick overview of what writing marshallers consists
of (eg, just a quick list, of what I have to add, and where)? I tried
defining a valuelist macro for KCPathDataList in kdehandlers.cpp, as
well as adjusting the KURL::List one to KCPathDataList after that, and
whilst it compiled (not sure whether the former did), it doesn't work
(returns a NULL pointer) -- this seems to be because smoke knows about
KURL, but doesn't know about KCPathData (why? are structs (as opposed
to classes) not processed?). There is also stuff for KURL in
Korundum.cpp, but it seems for those I would have to define
QDataStream << and >> operators for KCPathData, and I'd be getting in
a bit over my head (I also looked at turning KCPathData into a ruby
Struct, but didn't understand half the api docs, so the same applies)
(and I'm hoping there's an easier way that's immediately visible to
someone who actually knows how the whole thing works ;).

I think I also managed to figure out what generate.pl doesn't like
about KCanvasMatrix, KCanvasResource, and classes deriving from it:
functions that return a reference. How do I deal with those? I tried
adding entries for the returned types to kalyptusDataDict.pm (as I
remembered seeing 'type&' stuff in there), but it didn't make a
difference (by the way, what purpose does it serve, as I remember you
saying it's not necessary to add stuff to it?).

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