[Kde-bindings] Updating the KDE PyQt to use QScintilla ruby syntax highlighting

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at tipitina.demon.co.uk
Wed Jun 8 18:30:57 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 08 June 2005 21:21, Simon Edwards wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tuesday 07 June 2005 17:36, Richard Dale wrote:
> > Even though the %Include directives are there:
> >
> > %Include qextscintillalexerlua.sip
> > %Include qextscintillalexerperl.sip
> > %Include qextscintillalexerpython.sip
> > %Include qextscintillalexerruby.sip
> hhhum, strange.
> > > I believe the Ruby debugger is also supported in Erci3 now...
> >
> > Yes, there are some minor issues to sort out with debugging qtruby
> > programs that I've discussed, but I'm impressed. As it showcases both the
> > PyQt/PyKDE bindings (I didn't know it can have KDE widgets for instance),
> > and the ruby bindings, and it is a KDE app do you think we should submit
> > a story to kde dot news?
> The only problem I have with that is that people will expect it work out of
> the box with the Python bindings in KDE. Such an article gets people
> interested (good) but then they go try it out for themselves and get
> dissappointed (bad).
Yes, it was quite a lot of work to get the python bindings working from 
outside the svn. And the Eric3 debugger needs a bit more work to integrate 
with qtruby, there is an exception throwing problem in qtruby new() methods 
to fix. So maybe try and smooth out any issues for the KDE 3.5 release and 
then once we've done that we can have a kde dot news announcement?

-- Richard

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