[Kde-bindings] Qyoto: SIGNALS/SLOTS

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at tipitina.demon.co.uk
Fri Dec 30 11:05:20 UTC 2005

On Thursday 29 December 2005 23:19, Arno Rehn wrote:
> > A QString return value would be marshalled to a C# string, which would be
> > in a GCHandle in the 's_class' field of the C# array of SmokeItems.
> > Similary Qt instances like QWidget need to end up as GCHandles in the
> > 's_class' field. Primitive types are held directly in 's_int' or whatever
> > in the SmokeItem. The only difference between the C++ array of
> > SmokeItems, and the one built up in C# in SmokeInvocation.cs, is that
> > non-primitive types are held as GCHandles, rather than as C++ pointers.
> By the way, how do we get the other types like a string out of the struct
> in C++, when we call a method in C# like 'SetText' ? The GCHandle of the
> string is stored in s_intptr in the C#-struct, but there is no equivalent
> for this in the C++-struct. How can we access it in C++ then ?
Have a look at the code the marshall_basetype() function in qt3handlers.cpp:

		smokeqyoto_object *o = value_obj_info(m->var().s_class);

value_obj_info() in qt3qyoto.cpp obtains the smokeqyoto_object for the C# 
instance with a callback, and then the C++ instance is 'o->ptr'.

smokeqyoto_object *value_obj_info(void * qyoto_value) {  
    smokeqyoto_object * o = (smokeqyoto_object*) (*GetSmokeObject)
    return o;

-- Richard

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