[Kde-bindings] license question

Thomas Moenicke tm at ippfp.org
Mon Dec 19 21:17:09 UTC 2005

Richard Dale wrote:
> No, language bindings have to be GPL'd. But you can dual license it so that
> holders of commercial licenses can do commercial things with it if you want
> (eg an MIT license).

I thought the LGPL covers both cases. If someone wants to write a commercial 
application he has to go to Trolltech for buying a license. And the binding 
is just additional code which is linked against Qt? What is with the kde-libs 
guys. Can they sleep peacefully?
Otherwise, the GPL would be a good choice, too.

> You also have to be careful about including 'qt' in the name of your
> project. I had a mail from Trolltech's legal department about QtRuby
> 'diluting the brand', and would I rename my project. I told them I thought
> that was a bit unreasonable, and we agreed in the that I include this text
> in the 'COPYING' file:
> Trademarks
> ----------
> "[QtRuby": "[Qt]" name usage by permission of Trolltech AS, owner of the
> Qt(TM) trademark
> Which is why I called the C# bindings project 'Qyoto' to avoid any similar
> trouble. But I can't imagine Trolltech ever wanting to do a php bindings
> project though, so you shouldn't have any problem.

:-( I hope it will be ok with that name.


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