[Kde-bindings] Constructor error with QtRuby redux

Caleb Tennis caleb at gentoo.org
Tue Dec 6 14:06:44 UTC 2005

I just thought of one possibility here.  If for some reason the catch
doesn't catch the throw, it will return a 'nil', and thus we'll get a
'nil' result, which obviously doesn't respond_to initialize.

I guess worst case we'd just get an exception thrown, though, so it's
probably not too bad.

>> I can't see anything wrong with the test being removed - should we just
>> do
>> that? I've forgotten why I've included it in the first place, but it
>> does
>> seem redundant.
> Yeah, I can't see why it's necessary either.  Instances of Class seem to
> have "initialize" defined, so I suppose an object will always respond_to
> it.
> Caleb
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