[Kde-bindings] Qyoto test

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at tipitina.demon.co.uk
Mon Dec 5 13:42:42 UTC 2005

On Monday 05 December 2005 12:38, Arno Rehn wrote:
> FindMethod() className: QDialog MethodName: show
>                 In FindMethodId QDialog::show => 2063
> FindMethod() MethodName: show result: 2147
> In CallMethod methodId: 2147 target: 0x0000000b items: 0
> In CallMethod 136881448
> In callMethod() fn: 0x415d7ff0 method().method: 15 ptr: (nil) _stack[1]: 0
Yes, it fails when calling the QDialog.Show() method because it doesn't yet 
save the C++ pointer of the new instance (ptr shouldn't be nil here, it 
should be the address of the QDialog created by the constructor). From the 
checkin log :

* Constructor methods are now being called correctly, and the result is 
marshalled. However, ordinary 
  methods don't work because the instance variable '_smokeObject' is not being 
set up with a 
  pointer to the underlying C++ instance in the constructor.

From Qt.cs:

	public class Qt : MarshalByRefObject, IDisposable {
		protected Object _interceptor = null;
		private IntPtr _smokeObject;
 		protected Qt(Type dummy) {}

I not sure why '_smokeObject' isn't an instance variable inside the 
SmokeInvocation though - maybe that should be changed.

-- Richard

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