cast_object_to bug / PerlQt cvs compilation (Was Re: [Kde-bindings] [Bug 71316] QtRuby : Segmentation fault when loading Qt)

Alexander Kellett lypanov at
Tue Jan 13 11:18:57 UTC 2004

On Tue, Jan 13, 2004 at 10:46:27AM +0000, Germain Garand wrote:
> Hi Alex, at the moment I'm trying to get my internal temp under 39.5 so my 
> brain is mostly out of order... all what you write is appearing as funny 
> dancing bears with tutus to me :-)

hehe ;-)

> However what I see from the above is you are using an hard coded numeric value 
> instead of the enum call? 
> And from current cvsapi, TEXT_NODE is 3, not 9, so I'm not impressed if it is 
> not happy with the cast :-)

yeah. /me is stupid :) - all fixed now thanks to richards help :)
the kde.rb example (branch version) now prints a map
of urls (via htmlDocument.links) to titles.  i'm impressed :)

> yes a better bindings page would be great... it has really become a big 
> strength of KDE lately... java, objc, c#, perl, ruby, python...
> what a list!


> As for PerlKDE, I don't really regret that it's not in CVS at this point, it's 
> just not complete enough. I expect it to be dead ready by mid february, not 
> before.

perfect timing for 3.3 and kde cvs ;-)

> thanks :-) it was very handy for my khtml work, but we can do much much more 
> fancy stuff :-)
> It's so easy to manipulate those document trees when compared to C++ and the 
> hellish recompilations it requires.

couldn't agree more. its just awesome to finally get
into the khtml api at last. i'm aiming to write a
online documentation indexer with incremental searching
thats the big plan at the moment at least :)


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