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Ian Reinhart Geiser geiseri at voix.home.geiseri.com
Tue Apr 29 23:40:41 UTC 2003

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On Tuesday 29 April 2003 05:51 pm, Richard Dale wrote:
> > i'd really like to just get on with apps. but,
> > thats not going to work. swig and stuff like that
> > appears to blow (excuse the pun). and afaik thereI=
> > are no working ruby bindings other than those atm.
> > though i might be wrong of course :)
> It shouldn't be too difficult to write a Qt smoke adaptor for ruby - that
> is still the best way forward. Should we try and have a look at seeing
> what's involved - I think so yes, so lets discuss it on this list..
Lucky its undocumented and almost impossible to use.  Not as impossible as 
kalyputs but close ;)

There is the looks of an attempt at ruby bindings but it looks like they got 
as far as my SWIG based ones.  Unless you wrote this junk its unusable.

The plus side is from what I have seen from the swig bindings is that they 
preserve the inheritence structures, and do many of the messy up-down casts 
for you in python and TCL.  Slowly I have been building an interface set so 
that we can generate these bindings on the fly.  I have looked at the doxygen 
XML output and it looks promiseing, but it is quite busy to parse.

Lastly I have almost completey worked out a library for bridgeing 
slignal/slots from C++ into code that provides introspection (pretty much 
very language out there today)  It takes 1 half written in C++ and the other 
half is written in the native language.  Not as automagical as I had hoped 
but its showing promise.

In the end though, we all fall victim to lack of time, and the demand for this 
is just not big enough.  I think the other thing we like to ignore is the 
fact that KDE/Qt requires quite a bit of  C magic for DSOs to work.  To 
provide Python bindings is not that useful if you cannot provide a part 
loader  to load your fancy part.  At least from where I see it :P

Im not sure what the answer is here.  Taj made it sound like he had something 
big brewing here (a new kdoc written in python) that will export to XML and 
use XLST to render to something.  Maby this is what we are waiting for and 
wanting?  I do not know, time and the coder who does it will though :)

	-ian reinhart geiser

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